3 tips to keep your jewellery and avoid losing time every morning!

3 tips to keep your jewellery and avoid losing time every morning!
  • 3 tips to keep your jewellery:
1. Separate your Jewellery according to a system brand, style or frequent use.
2. Make bundles for everyday use
3. Clean and store your collection according to your system (separated by brand, style, and frequent use)

I’m a jewellery designer and also and jewellery addict. I have many jewellery pieces I can´t choose from every morning.

Does this resonate with you? I’m sure it does. Here’s what you can do to solve this problem.

– 3 tips to better store your jewellery:

Separate your jewellery:

You probably have different types of jewellery: In gemstones, metals, precious metals, wood, and thread, you get the picture. You can separate your jewellery by style or brand: It’s easier to find the jewellery you want for an outfit if you know what kind of jewellery you’re looking for and, most important, where you can find it. So separate by brand (If you’re into branded jewellery) or style (bohemian-funky jewellery, fine jewellery, custom jewellery);

Make little bundles of jewellery:

After separating all your pieces, you’ll know what you have, probably find misplaced jewellery or others you didn’t know you had. That’s great. You now choose some bundles of pieces you think you need to have in hand. I have some necklaces, earrings and bracelets that I call SOS, organized in bundles in a handy place. You can put it in a separate top drawer or a jewellery box. If I’m in a rush one morning, I can grab my jewellery easy mix, the kind of mix that combines with every outfit.

Tackle the rest of the collection:

Now that you have secured a daily jewellery set, you know you’ll never go out to work feeling that something’s missing.

You can tackle the rest of your collection. First, clean your jewellery (it probably needs some pampering and care). Then you can store it in individual bags (avoid mixing your jewellery) and place the bags in separate drawers or marked containers with brand and style. Make sure the drawers or boxes are free from humidity. I choose drawers or boxes lined with velvet or linen.

That’s it. Simple and handy. You’ll enjoy your jewellery more after this organization. Here’s a suggestion, go through your bundles every two weeks just in case you need to change one or two pieces.