About Design House 365

Portuguese Jewelry brand based in Oporto

"I created this Jewelry brand due to my unlimited interest in one-of-a-kind pieces. With one of my pieces, you're celebrating your individuality and making a statement. My main statement is based on the unique character of each woman and we like to celebrate that uniqueness". 


Design House 365® will solve your everyday styling needs! This Portuguese jewellery brand's purpose is to create timeless pieces of jewellery women can wear in several scenarios during the day, to work, on casual weekends, at a fabulous party without any effort and throughout their life.

The use of gemstones and high-quality components to create the brand's timeless pieces focuses on their beauty and different touch. The inspiration comes from the authentic lifestyle and the fusion of many factors like cultures, nature, and art. This inspiration gives a distinctive perspective to jewellery design. Without being a fashion slave, the brand's designs push the aesthetic further ahead of trends, away from industrial brands' aesthetics. With exclusive collections or limited editions, the brand offers a unique perspective in styling. The designer and owner of the brand Helena Dória specialize in Jewellery design and how to style it to make a difference.
Be empowered by Portuguese jewellery.