How to maintain your jewellery

How to maintain your jewellery

Did you often look at your jewellery and wonder what you could use to clean it? It's simple and easy.

You probably read many articles about ways to clean your fine and custom jewellery. Some recommend Alka Seltzer, ketchup, toothpaste and other household items. It's risky tho.

In general, you (If you follow the storage recommendations for your jewellery) should use a soft cloth. With duller gemstone necklaces, you can go a little further and clean them with a cloth dipped in soap and tempered water. Avoid bathing the piece in the water for a long time because you can damage the thread.

Avoid using any brush, like a toothbrush, because you can damage the piece.

Additionally, you can buy a special cleaning cloth to clean the metals and follow the instructions in the box, to bring the shine and original beauty back.

My common-sense advice is, don't overclean your jewellery with this special cleaning cloth. In the case of gold-plated jewellery, you can remove the bath.

Regarding fine jewellery, it's not recommendable to clean it at home. To avoid damage to the piece, take it to a professional jeweller. But it's always your decision. If in doubt, visit a local jeweller for specific advice.

Careful Storage:

The atmosphere elements can make your jewellery duller and tarnish. In platted jewellery, it's worse because the bath can fade ease.

Storage your jewellery in separate zipper bags to avoid contact with oxygen and dust. Furthermore, the recommendation is to store these zipper bags in cotton or velvet bags inside drawers/ boxes in dry places. If the drawer has a fabric liner minimizes humidity.

Additionally, you can follow a system for storage that make your life easier and not find your everyday jewellery a living nightmare. You can find our system for jewellery storage in our post "3 tips to store your jewellery and don't lose time every morning!".

The proper storage of your jewellery isn't infallible. Tarnishing will inevitably occur in most jewellery. Tarnish's a reaction of the metal to moisture, air, or specific chemicals. Storage and proper use can help delay this process in a way you won't have to clean it as often and also will keep it from getting tangled. The latter is relief in itself.

Is there a proper way to use jewellery?

When you use a piece of jewellery, you must avoid several situations. For example, you should put your jewellery after your perfume. Perfume can damage your jewellery, make it duller, tarnish, and remove its shiny glow. The same occurs in terms of body lotion. Avoid contact between your jewellery and body lotion (let it dry before you put your jewellery) and hand cream. Avoid showering or bathing with it or go swimming as well. These careful hints will keep your jewellery in better condition.

So you see, it's easy to keep your jewellery looking good for longer but remind yourself to clean it.