No Brainer Jewellery Styling Tips

No Brainer Jewellery Styling Tips

This question is permanently coming up: How can I style my jewellery in a classy way?

There are some simple and easy guidelines to follow when choosing what jewellery you can match with your daily outfit.

Jewellery and the Outfit:

  1. First of all, If you’re not comfortable with layering necklaces, it’s better to start simple and see how it goes. You can find a layering guide with guidelines you can follow at home (Keep up with DH365’sMAG, I’m going to make a post with a layering guide soon), that way you can practice and have some fun with it.
  2. The patterns and colours of the outfit have more relevance than anything else. So make sure you pair patterned tops with simple necklaces, and a chain with a simple pendant, for example. You can do it If you have experience in styling and matching colours. If you don’t, keep it simple.

  3. If you’re wearing a high-neck or a high-neckline, you should avoid wearing a necklace, and prefer a great combination of bracelets with a pair of bold earrings. If you have to wear a necklace with a turtle neck sweater, try to choose a very short statement necklace (a heavy chain preferably). You can wear a long-piece necklace, but to make it work, you have to be extra careful not to make it tacky.

  4. If you’re wearing a high-collar shirt, stud earrings and a statement necklace, for example, will make you look stylish. You can have a layering mix, but make sure you don't see the t-shirt below. Make it bold!
  5. Long layering necklaces, are the perfect option to wear If you want to wear a tank top or a V-neck t-top. Avoid wearing high-collar t-shirts with long necklaces. There’re some exceptions, for example, If you’re wearing a silky shirt. They will both adjust.

  6. 3 tips to store your jewellery and don’t lose time every morning! (3)Use pearls with white tops, sweaters, or blouses. Use light colours, even in the winter. Light pastel colours are a perfect match for pearls. Pearls match any shade of colour of the sea from aquamarine colour to grey shades. Pearls and black are an easy match, although it can be an outdated mix you can avoid.

  7. Use jewellery in bold colours with cold colour outfits. Also, cold-coloured jewellery match very well with bold colours (more on this in future posts).
  8. In the office, you should stick to the company’s policy on this. Following the code could be a little dull, but it will keep you out of trouble. If there’s no code on jewellery, the basic rule depends on the type of job and company. If you’re working for a company in the world of fashion, you can choose from a variety of jewellery styles. It will send a message of how you embrace creativity. In meetings, avoid wearing bold jewellery If you have a message to be passed. It can be distracting.

  9. Decide what’s more important the outfit or the accessories and start from there. Some of us begin by choosing the accessories.

  10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules regarding the combinations of materials or metals. There’re no rules at the moment as you can find in this article from ELLE magazine.

Jewellery Combinations for everyday style:

If you’re not used to wearing jewellery at all, the basic tips are:

– If you wear a strong-coloured or statement necklace you can wear a bracelet or not (it’s up to you) and you should match it with a simple set of earrings. Preferably a stud. Also a bold ring it’s a good option instead of a bracelet.

– If you’re wearing big, bold earrings (like chandeliers or statement earrings) you shouldn’t wear a necklace at all, even If it matches. If you need to wear a necklace, choose a simple thread.

– If you’re wearing bold earrings, you can wear bracelets and rings. Keep in mind If you’re stacking up bold bracelets or cuffs, don’t go heavy on the Rings. It’s all a question of balance.

Note that these aren’t rules but guidelines you can follow to enjoy accessorising on an everyday basis by day. Once the sun has set the guidelines are bolder. You can experiment more and have more fun. Jellewery can be outrageously bold a big.

In a resume, you can use the traditional rules as guidelines, to keep you grounded, but what it’s advisable is for you to create your own aesthetic and style.