The World Of Design House 365

The World Of Design House 365

Our collections include hand-crafted statement jewellery, I design and create all the pieces from my studio in my house, to keep it simple and don't lose focus on the nature of the brand. 

Our collections are designed to tell a story and to transport you, the wearer, to the inspiration of the piece. 

The inspiration comes from places, cultures, decorations, fine art and architecture, all with a touch of intentional artisanal craftsmanship through our stories.

Do you love simple artistical things? So do I and I like to celebrate all of that in my designs.

Our style is positive, funky, playful, sophisticated, chic, and effortless and I could go on with the adjectives. Was thought to be versatile and to compliment you. You can express yourself through our designs. You can make a statement that you're youthful and trendy.

Our client is a woman who follows her own paths, not trends. Women who are trendsetters, adventurers, collectors, artists, innovators, intellectuals, and dreamers. 

Are you one of those women? You're in the right place!