7 Tips to look and feel gorgeous wearing jewellery!

7 Tips to look and feel gorgeous wearing jewellery!

The way you wear your jewellery can elongate your silhouette. The perception you give when you wear a long or other length necklace is different.

1. Wear long, between 20" up to 50", necklaces to elongate your neckline and silhouette.

2. The short lengths necklaces (between 14" and 20") will not be flattering If you have a shorter wide neck because they will make your neck appear smaller.

3. If you have a petite silhouette, you can wear long necklaces. Combining the outfit and the necklace style is the key to success in this situation. In the end, you must look in the mirror and make your evaluation. Things to check:


    • Does your face feel light up?
    • Does it complement your skin tone?
    • Does it complement your outfit without overpowering it?


    • Does it make you look short and stubby?
    • Does your face disappear in all the noise?
    • Does your overall look feel like a mess?

    4. A long silhouette, in terms of neck height and width, the principle is the same as described in 1 and 2. If you are a tall person with a high neck, long necklaces will make your neckline longer. You can opt to wear chokers or collars. A combination of several pieces with different heights can make all the difference.

    5. For small bust shapes, the height of the necklace can go from 18" to 34". For full-figured body shapes, the length will make all the difference. The necklace length to avoid is from 22" to 32". You can opt for a shorter necklace from 18" to 22". In some situations, necklaces extra long, from 32" to 50", for full-figured body shapes can be very flattering. For example, If it is a simple chain with a big pendant. The mirror will give you that input. Follow the checklist of 3.

    6. In terms of the shape of the face, women with round faces should avoid short necklaces or chokers as they will accentuate the roundness of their faces. Those with long-shape faces who may want to broaden and soften the shape of their faces can opt for shorter necklaces. The oval face shape is suitable for every type and length of necklace.

    7. The broad-shoulder body type can opt for longer necklaces longer than 18". The choker (12"-13") and collar (14"-16") will broaden your silhouette. That means the narrow shoulders will look very good on chokers and collars ( as long as you don't have a short or wide neck).