The Rutilated Quartz

The Rutilated Quartz

 "Venus' Hair Stone" or "Fléches d'amour" or The Rutilated Quartz it's a type of quartz, clear or smoky with needlelike rutile embedded in it. This rutile assumes colours like red, gold, silver tones, or green.

     It's found in countries like Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, and in the USA. Depending on the rutile found within the stone, its appearance has a vitreous lustre and in general is transparent to nearly opaque, sometimes milky.

  Some believe that the Rutilated Quartz Crystal is a soul illuminator, promotes spiritual growth and enhances creative power. It can also bring a joyful vibration into the energetic field, as it filters negative energy, by removing it and purifying toxic thoughts. It's often used by artists or writers, as it may be helpful in receiving and directing spiritual inspiration for creative projects.

 Some say these crystals are of particular benefit to those born under Gemini and Taurus sign of the zodiac in western astrology. 

But be mindful that, because a stone is listed as related to or benefitting a particular sign, doesn't mean it's the only crystals that will be a benefit, or that anyone has to use it.  As with all things, trust your higher self above all.

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