Style Planner

Style Planner

A week of styling with accessories:

Monday: Start with a bang

A bold necklace to start the week with positive motivation!

Tuesday: Keep it simple

A simple set to keep the mood going

Wednesday: Mix and Match

Because the middle of the week is here and mix and match of designs will set the mood for the remaining week

Thursday: Embrace your femininity!

A long necklace will make you feel more feminine pair it with a short one to give your style a little extra detail.

Friday: You're up for the weekend!

It's time to have some fun. The choker necklace is up for it.

Saturday: Casual fun

Saturday is the perfect day to wear casual designs. Something in a thread, hand-braided.

Sunday: Casual Combos

Mixing hand-braided designs with metal is a way to have fun and style at the weekend.

This jewellery-style planner is a gift to you. To help you break that barrier of time to style in the morning!