With the eyes in the future!

Design House 365® is jewelry and lifestyle brand that believes style is at the service of its user. It is the truth also in the fashion accessories world. The basis for this brand was to create jewelry designs with quality to make them last for a long time. From the beginning, the brand's core values include being advocating for a more sustainable environment. With that in mind, we are committed to sourcing quality materials that will have less impact on the environment.


Brass is Design House 365®'s favorite material to use. Here's why: Brass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times, which has significant environmental and economic advantages. Brass is a copper-based alloy that does not lose its chemical or physical properties in the recycling process.

The composition of brass also means that it doesn't rust. Although if it is not protected with a layer of lacquer or one of the many finishes available, brass may tarnish in certain conditions.

Environmental Advantages: Our favorite part? Aside from how good it looks, brass is sustainable. The recycling process for brass is less energy-intensive and yields a smaller carbon footprint than other metals. Almost every brass in the world is already recycled because recycling brass is more economically efficient than producing new brass.

An affordable alternative to gold, brass allows us to produce pieces with a luxurious look and feel at affordable prices. Brass has been used for centuries, because of its malleable durability and variety of colours,

Our materials: We use plated brass with a lacquer finish.


Right now, we already use fully recyclable materials, although we’re redesigning our packaging to include more ECO-friendly materials. We have set goals to increase our share of reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging too.

Our packaging includes:

- A cardboard box: The cardboard box does not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals.

- A foam structure

- Silk Paper

- A cardboard postal box

- Cellophane

- Ribbon

We aim to achieve a 100% mark on this issue. 


We are committed to responsible sourcing and to working towards eco-friendly, sustainable jewelry.

Supply chains in the jewelry industry are long and complex. Minerals come out of the ground, often in the poorest regions on earth or war zones, and pass through multiple hands on their way to market. Jewelry supply chains go through a variety of countries involving thousands of steps and participants. Traceability is very difficult to unravel, causing the shift to sustainability jewelry making challenging to every organization. 

We make efforts only to work with trusted suppliers in the European Union and Portugal that comply with applicable laws and regulations locally and internationally.

We repurposed natural materials like beads, shells, and baroque pearls, reducing environmental impact. We often use the material in the rough because of its natural beauty, which comes with the bonus of low-impact processing.

We handmake our jewelry, reducing the energy and water impact.

We believe every piece should have a long lifespan. To ensure the materials in our collections meet our quality standards, we chose quality over quantity anytime. The quality materials are made to last and can be recycled, repurposed, or upcycled in the future. We also upcycle some stones and shells into new pieces.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • Be prudent about the materials we source
  • Handmake our production
  • Use artisanal methods that are non-toxic and with low energy requirements
  • Use recyclable metals and also recycled metals as much as possible
  • Reuse aged or dead stock
  • Upcycle materials
  • Using eco-friendly sources
  • Use recycled, recyclable packaging

We believe in a sustainable future.